FIFA 14 Salah stats analysis after Chelsea FC transfer

Just when you thought Fifa Ultimate Team Coins that Juan Mata’s transfer to Manchester United from Chelsea FC was exciting, Chelsea appears to have angered Liverpool FC by snooping to sign the highly rated Salah from FC Basel.

We have a quick heads-up on how the player performs in FIFA 14 at the moment, as well as posing the question on whether EA will upgrade his stats in preparation for the Egyptian’s arrival at Stamford Bridge.

This player has been dubbed the ‘Egyptian Messi’, so you can understand why Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho wanted to snap him up rather than see him go to a Premiership rival.

FIFA 14 players though have been wondering where the player will fit in though in Chelsea’s team, with so many star players to choose from in midfield – surely he’s not arriving to sit on the bench?

At the moment, Salah has an overall rating of 74 – a silver card which some of you may be thinking deserves a little attention from EA. He is famous for his pace and skill though and you can see that reflected in a 91 pace ability and an 82 dribble skill.

Hints for distinguishing a Fake and an Authenticated Furniture Store

Hints for distinguishing a Fake and an Authenticated Furniture Store

Like any other business ventures, the increased number of furniture store today brings an advantage and disadvantage factor to most buyers. Since most corners today are filled with establishments that sells furniture sets and products, prospective buyers and future customers can easily find all the things that they need to furnish their houses. Furthermore, even the online community has their own set of furniture store where online buyers can freely click, choose and shop all the furnishing products that they like. To round up all this information, it is safe to say that the availability factor of furniture stores constitutes a big advantage for buyers.

However, because of this fact as well, a disadvantage is also being tagged on such rapid growth and expansion of furniture stores. The fact that buyers and customers are now confused on where to buy their products, instances where cases of fake furniture stores find and victimizes innocent customers have also significantly increased from time to time.  This mostly leads to the loss of investments for both customers and sellers which greatly affects the success of such industry. In order to avoid such chaotic situation, it is best for everyone to know the difference between a fake and an authenticated furniture store.

Typically, fake furniture stores choose to do their operation in the online market since most transactions are made easily. Considering the fact that most transactions are made with less physical or face-to-face to contact, anyone can easily create a fake identity in order to secure the success of their activity. Since this is the normal case for such situation, online buyers may need to be cautious in visiting any online furniture store in order to avoid such trick. Asking for company details such as telephone numbers or physical address of such seller greatly helps to know the authenticity and credibility of any online furniture store. In any case, this only proves that asking some questions may be a bit helpful for certain instances.

Falsified furniture stores are not only present in the online market but there are also those that are found in real life. Although the chances of these stores to be successful is less than those that are found in the online community, there are still some situations where they can trick customers by selling fake or cheap products that are tag with higher than normal prices. In this type of scenario, it is best for any buyer to look for important details or conduct a little background check in order to determine the credibility and reliability of their chosen store. With that action, anyone can avoid such fake furniture stores and secure the safety of their investments.

With the struggles that our economy is experiencing today, every last drop of money is very essential to have. In order to secure that such money is invested in the right furniture products, choosing the right furniture store is a must.

Update your Closet with These 5 Tips

Spring Fashion: Update your Closet with These 5 Tips

Spring is here, and even when we all have seen warmer days, it will soon get hot enough out there bringing shorts, skirts and a totally different color palette in our wardrobes. That s why you ll need to make room in your closet for this season, getting rid of some items you probably won t wear again or will be totally out by next winter.

Garage Sales

Selling the stuff you don t need, will give you enough room for new clothes, bags and shoes. Plus you ll also have the bonus benefit of getting some additional money to do so.

You need to make your garage sale as attractive as possible for the right kind of people, in this case, when selling seasonal clothes you can use some winter decorations to grab the attention of curious neighbors, make flyers, publish an announcement in your local or community news papers or even make a yard sign that stands out.

Clothes Swap

Clothe swapping is very in right now, it consists in a group of person that bring a number of clothes in perfectly good conditions, and depending of the quantity of pieces they give to the swap, they will get a ticket for each one.

You can host a clothe swapping with your friends, co-workers, or even relatives in your age group; or find one being held in your community.

You ll need to promote your event if you re hoping to get a large party. You can send invitations making it exclusive or maybe use a magnetic car sign if you re aiming for grabbing the attention of many people.

It s very important that if you re doing a small swap in your place, you find enough people with similar sizes, or they could go home with the same stuff they brought to the clothing swap, which would make it a total failure.

Make sure you can display the clothing properly, and also have a place where people can try on what they choose, with access to mirrors and enough room to walk and see themselves in different angles.

Giving Away to Charity

If you re just trying to get rid of everything you won t be using anymore, give it to charity or goodwill organizations, next winter there will be enough people thanking you for that coat that will probably sit in your closet for years.

Always wash the clothes before you give them away and separate them according to their intended sex group in case you have men s clothes or baby s clothes too.

Refresh and Reuse

Not everything has to go, there are some winter clothes that can be reused in the spring as well.

Skirts, shorts, dresses and some tops can be updated mixing them up with other spring items, for a modern look. Instead of layering them up, you can wear them by themselves with other pieces that help to give you that spring vibe.


Using fun accessories will help putting together your whole outfit. Lighter scarves with floral prints, big sunglasses, seasonal bags and wedge sandals will complement your look.

Basics and neutrals can be revived with one statement piece that will make it fun and fresh, instead of boring and plain.

OLX’s Marketing Strategy

Currently, OLX is amongst the hottest online free classified sites in India. You can sell your mobile phone in OLX among other things such as your vehicle and furniture. It is also one of the best online classified sites operating in numerous countries. It allows users to handle their dealings and create their own advertisements through multimedia in addition to various other useful activities found on the ‘My OLX’ page. Users can also post their advertisements through smartphones and display their ads on social network sites. Users also get the option to display advertisements in a multitude of languages, allowing them to operate through their preferred language medium.

OLX first originated in New York in 2006 and went on to spread to various other countries in just a short time period. In India, it has become extremely popular in just a few years mainly thanks to its hilarious TV ads and brilliant marketing campaign.

The most powerful part of OLX India’s overall marketing strategy is its regional television advertising campaign and social media optimization, which enabled the site to converge numerous visitors on its portal through both traditional and social media. OLX India has an active and strong presence in almost all offline and online marketing channels. Its advertisements are creative, witty and humorous, which helps them go viral easily.

The most praiseworthy thing about the marketing strategy of OLX India is its TV ad campaign. All of its ads have been brilliant and have gone viral the moment they were launched. The way humor is incorporated in its advertisements is really creative. You can stay connected with all of the latest advertisements launched by OLX on YouTube.

Watch OLX TVC Video:

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A great marketing strategy is only half the story since no marketing strategy could be successful in turning the visitors fetched into fans or customers until and unless the advertised service or product is good enough. This is why OLX has always made its top priority to optimize its service and website so that it is more streamlined and user-friendly. The visitors to OLX have a lot of options to customize, track and manage their advertisements. Moreover, the ads already posted could be filtered and categorized according to price range, province and even cities. This makes the platform even more user-friendly and time-saving.

OLX India’s marketing strategy has been remarkable and the main driving force that helped it to become the market leader in the online classified market.

Fifa ultimate team coins usa three is the capital

15th this month, Richard c.haskelli fan meeting held in the square and album of the same name signings, the scene, “big boy” Richard c.haskelli and fans playing kicking fifa ultimate team coins usa, hopscotch, super Mary’s childhood games,fifa ultimate team coins usa such as led fans recall the childhood together.Always with gentle image of Richard c.haskelli, said their future want to play some more the yes action scenes,fifa ultimate team coins usa break through the idol, and his heart was very deep, not a vase.

About the new album, Richard c.haskelli said three is the capital of their own creation, “many of the teachers and the professional colleagues agree that I am suited to sing love songs,fifa ultimate team coins usa because I have a feeling of warm voice, fans also give me a very fit – warm male image. So, the song of this album contains some cure, warm style fifa ultimate team coins usa. I especially like to mention my own creation song” tick “,fifa ultimate team coins usa it is the “red rose in the rain,” the story of this song. To me about the youth for a period of 599 days finally say goodbye to the first love, and miss of central academy of drama.”Song also includes his own emotional experience.”Is a girl friend in the university, the song also tells the story of love to break up with her fifa ultimate team coins usa One is called” the transparent color you “,fifa ultimate team coins usa is to describe her is pure, kind, lovely girl, I like the type of the same way. I remember the annual valentine’s day,fifa ultimate team coins usa the first time I buy flowers for a girl is fifa 14coins, she is at that time, poor students, only bought one, but she also moved cry sparse inside hua.”

By television star Richard c.haskelli actually first debut as a singer fifa ultimate team coins usa, “for me, this album is heavy, starting from the age of 16 to sign the record company, later, the music industry depression, I go to acting, contact with some musicians, to have the opportunity, this is my ten years to grow a music record.”